Stevie Rodger. Storyboard Artist.

Nice guy



Stevie is a Paris-based Australian storyboard artist and concept illustrator working in advertising, production, PR and product concepts.

When he was a kid drawing was the only way his parents could get him to sit still. Nothing’s changed, except now instead of pencils and paper he has an extremely fast digital tablet.

Stevie works closely with leading agencies such as Ogilvy, BWM, M&C Saatchi and the Clemenger Group on major brands such as Asahi, Kmart, Lexus and American Express.

When Stevie’s not drawing, he’s being terrible at NBA tipping and hanging out with his loveable but useless office assistant Truffle the French Bulldog.


Some advice I got when I started, was to surround myself with the best people and Stevie is the best people.
— Tim Gill, Associate Creative Director, BWM
If a picture is worth a thousand words then Stevie is a visual orator who’s eloquence captures the imagination of the unimaginative and turns skeptics into champions.
— Luke Brocklehurst, Creative Director, Super Retail Group
One of the biggest requirements these days is for storyboards, but there is never the time to do them. Stevie is the game changer! He is able to take a brief, provide quick indicative images that then transform into quality frames that allow a production to proceed with the visual aid that is paramount to a client understanding the concept and how it will evolve.
— Mick Perry Executive Producer, Kite Productions